The realme GT 6 will have the brightest screen seen on a phone under $1000

The device, which will be launched on June 20 in Milan, promises unprecedented levels of brightness

The realme GT 6 will have the brightest screen seen on a phone under $1000
The new realme GT 6, in the two colors in which it will be available

The realme GT 6 will be launched on June 20. This device, which marks the return to brand’s famous GT series, is presented as a flagship killer and sets a new standard in terms of screen brightness. The company has confirmed today that the device will be equipped with a new type of panel capable of reaching 6000 nits of brightness, thus making it the smartphone with the brightest screen on the market.

The world’s brightest screen under $1000, and more

Realme itself has confirmed that the GT 6 will feature an 8T LTPO display, capable of reaching 6000 nits of peak peak brightness. To achieve this, they explain, superior luminescent materials have been used that not only increase the brightness level, but also significantly reduce energy consumption.

Similarly, HDR and Pro-XDR technologies are included, aimed at delivering a wide range of colours, deeper blacks and more vibrant tones.

The auto-brightness system employs different sensors that allow the screen to adjust the brightness between 10,240 different levels. In addition, thanks to 8T LTPO technology, energy consumption is further reduced, while offering a smoother experience. Although it has not been confirmed yet, the realme GT 6 is expected to include a 120 hertz refresh rate display.

The brand has also focused its efforts on minimizing eye strain when using the device’s screen, through a 2160 Hz PWM dimming technology and an AI-based eye protection system, which according to the brand, intelligently adapts the screen settings based on usage patterns and ambient light.

The realme GT 6 will be presented on June 20, at a global launch event where the brand will reveal the rest of the features, as well as the official price of the device.



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