The speed of light coincides with the latitude of the Great Pyramids, but it’s just a coincidence

This is a simple coincidence, but some people have decided to give it more importance than it has

The speed of light coincides with the latitude of the Great Pyramids, but it's just a coincidence
The pyramids are the result of multiple unknowns and passionate debates

The speed of light moves through a vacuum at 299,792,458 meters per second. A speed that we are not even really able to imagine mentally. Unlocking these speeds on a human level are nearly impossible. On the other hand, Ancient Egypt has always had a great knowledge of the stars and placed their buildings in a very thoughtful way to comply with their religious rites and the existing supply needs in a country where a large part of its surface was desert.

However, in the vast majority of cases there is a tendency to exaggerate the capacity, knowledge or direct interest that the architects and kings of this civilization had for some aspects of science more than three thousand years ago. For this reason, many have come to conclude that the speed of light and the latitude of the Great Pyramid of Giza coincide because of the Egyptians’ deep knowledge of the world around them. Although it is true that the pyramids are at 29.9792458º N, it is pure coincidence, as we will see below.

After all, we find that the pyramids raise so much expectation that even astronauts decide to portray them from space.

The speed of light and the pyramids

Light travels at more than 1,000 million kilometers per hour and this serves as one of the main constants by which our scientific knowledge is governed. As we have seen, Giza coincides in its latitude with these data, but it all turns out to be a simple coincidence.

Numerology and the search for secret information are still pseudosciences that move in the most conspiratorial environments. For this reason, it is not strange that the funerary complex of Giza is usually alluded to a kind of questions that are usually invented or do not make sense. It is not uncommon for us to read that this type of building was even built by aliens, although we really know well how they were able to build them and it moves away from these strange theories.

But, in addition, according to an article in the journal Science, the pyramid of Giza would have moved dozens of meters since it was built due to changes in the movement of tectonic plates. We cannot forget that this type of funerary complex was erected between 2550 and 2490 BC. This places them at a distance of more than 4,000 years from us. In fact, mammoths were still alive in some strongholds in what is now Siberia.

For this reason, it is not possible for the Egyptians to calculate with such an eye as to be able to equate the constant of the speed of light with the position of the Pyramids. In fact, they did not know this constant nor did they have a complete knowledge of the size of the Earth to even achieve this.

In this way, it can be concluded that it is a simple coincidence and that it has absolutely nothing to do with what can usually be read in some gossip on the net. Thus, although the Egyptians had very advanced construction technologies and knew some aspects of astronomy quite well, it is difficult to conclude that they could even measure a constant that was quite difficult to measure. In fact, it would have to wait until the seventeenth century for Ole Roemer to be able to measure this.



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