There could be an extraterrestrial civilization on our planet. At least that’s what some Harvard scientists think

Scientists say it shouldn’t be something to be ruled out

There could be an extraterrestrial civilization on our planet. At least that is what some Harvard scientists think
The Earth still holds a few unknowns

It can be really confusing, but the truth is that today there are serious studies that speak clearly and confidently about the existence of aliens. Ufology is not a field that is intended only for the deepest part of the internet and is run by those who accept conspiracy theories, but it has always been one more niche of study for science. Especially if we take into account that we cannot be absolutely unique in the Universe if we accept that our existence is random. For this reason, it has always been thought that there could be other intelligent alien species populating the universe. However, what would happen if they actually lived on our planet? Now a study carried out by scientists from Harvard and Montana Tech University assures that we cannot rule out that this had happened or that it was happening at this very moment.

There could be aliens on our planet

A study published in June 2024 in the journal Philosophy and Cosmology examines a hypothesis that has always sparked both controversy and intrigue about the origin of Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena (UAPs, the new way of determining UFOs and other phenomena): the cryptoterrestrial hypothesis (HCT).

The authors, Tim Lomas, Brendan Case, and Michael P. Masters, the first two from Harvard University and the second from Montana Tech University, believe that although HCT is probably false, it deserves serious scientific consideration given the puzzling nature of some UAP reports. HCT is a theory that argues that UAPs could be the result of activities of intelligent beings hidden on Earth, either among us, such as living underground or underwater. In this way, UAPs would not be advanced and secret human technology or extraterrestrial visitation but would actually live here. Something that is striking if we take into account the discovery on the seabed of spheres or other objects whose nature has been quite controversial and that some believe would have been misinterpreted by the noises of a nearby truck.

Again, it should be noted that the researchers themselves believe that this theory is false, but they say that it is worth giving it the importance it deserves

The study examines several lines of research and evidence that could support HCT, including the limits of our historical and geological knowledge, legends and myths of lost civilizations, evidence of ancient and complex underground structures, folkloric traditions of “magical” beings living in hiding, and reports of UAP activity associated with underground or underwater locations. All these could be inevitable proofs of the existence of these beings living among us, but they are not conclusive since the vast majority have quite a few explanations. There are four distinct versions of HCT so far: human cryptoterrestes, hominid or theropod cryptoterrests, aliens or time travelers hidden on Earth, and “magical” cryptoterrestes similar to fairies or elves that are part of some mythologies.

The study does not claim that HCT is true, but rather argues that it should not be ruled out without proper research. More than a real interest in this question, it is a call to humility about the study of knowledge. In this way, we are facing a more philosophical and methodological article than something that really asserts the approval of the HCT theory.

This study adds to a growing trend within scientific research that is seriously examining the phenomenon of UAPs, moving it away from the craziest theories and trying to carry out a truly scientific reflection on deeply interesting questions. Thus, we move from mockery to an exhaustive analysis of these phenomena in order to find a real understanding. They seek to address issues as serious as this from an open mind, although always supporting theories much more logical and explainable than those of the HCT.



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