These are the 10 most listened to podcasts from Apple, Spotify, YouTube and Google Podcasts

From Spotify to Google Podcast, users have shown similar tastes

Most listened to podcasts from Apple, Spotify, YouTube and Google Podcasts
People can listen to podcasts while doing other activities like driving in the car or cleaning the house.

Podcasts have revolutionized the way we consume stories, information, and entertainment. With the ease of listening anytime, anywhere, platforms such asApple Podcasts, Spotify, YouTube, among others, have seen a significant increase in viewership. Below, we present the ranking of the most listened to podcasts, according to Chartable data, on these platforms, which are benchmarks in the world of audio streaming.

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The most listened to podcasts right now

Podcasts show what peoples most common tastes are
Podcasts show what people’s most common tastes are.

1.- Crime Junkie

2.- Dateline NBC

3.- SmartLess

4.- Morbid

5.- Stuff You Should Know

6.- Huberman Lab

7.- On Purpose with Jay Shetty

8.- Tales of the Night

9.- 12 Hour Sound Machines for Sleep (no loops or fades)

10.- Pod Save America

The most common tastes

The list reflects people’s most common tastes, no matter what platform they use to listen to their podcasts. In the list there are programs that are uploaded simultaneously on Spotify, YouTube, Apple Podcast, among others where content creators have channels, so “the most popular” includes visits from all sites.

As you can see in this top, the topics that people prefer to hear are between cases of serial killers, true crime and extranormal topics, as well as health and comedy.

What relevance do podcasts have?

At present, podcasts have positioned themselves as one of the most dynamic and accessible forms of entertainment and information. This form of digital audio, which allows users to listen to content on a wide range of topics anytime, anywhere, has experienced exponential growth in recent years.

Podcasts offer a range of options for all tastes. The convenience of being able to consume this content at any time and time of the day, even if other activities are being carried out, is one of the key factors of its popularity.

Technological evolution has also played a major role in the rise of podcasts. The improvement in streaming apps and the increase in people using smartphones have made it easier for these audio programs to be easily accessible to a global audience. In addition, the possibility of subscription and download allows users to enjoy their favorite episodes without the need for a constant internet connection.

On the other hand, this type of program allows an intimate and personal connection to be established between the host and the listener, generating communities of loyal followers. Podcast creators often exploit this advantage to foster a close relationship with their audience, through direct interaction and the creation of content that responds to the specific interests and needs of their followers.

With the rise of smartphones and the continuous improvement of digital audio platforms, the relevance of podcasts may continue to rise. Expectations suggest that these audio formats will continue to diversify, offering more personalized and specialized content.



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