These are the Apple Intelligence features that will arrive in 2025

What’s new in Apple Intelligence in 2024 and which in 2025

These are the Apple Intelligence features that will arrive in 2025
Not all Apple Intelligence features will arrive in 2024

Apple presented Apple Intelligence, its new brand under which it encompasses its Artificial Intelligence functions. However, not all of those features we saw during the presentation at WWDC 2024 will come out in September with the final version of iOS 18but will be released in 2025. Of course, we will see some of them this year.

It should also be noted that, at first, the functions of Apple Intelligence will be limited to English, but by changing the language of the device in question you will be able to enjoy them until they arrive in Spanish. Let’s see which Apple Intelligence news will arrive this year and which ones in 2025.

These are the Apple Intelligence features that we will have to wait for next year

Let’s start with the good news. Some of the Apple Intelligence features will be ready in iOS 18, such as the new Siri interface and its natural language capabilities. In addition, the possibility of writing to Siri will also be ready, but these are just some of the new features we saw.

However, the most important new features will not be ready on launch day. Like requests based on personal contexts, controlling apps or reading what we have on the screen are the new functions for which we will have to wait a few months to be able to have them.

On-screen recognition allows Siri to ask Siri for some action related to something we see on the iPhone or when a notification arrives. On the other hand, the integration of Siri with the apps will allow you to perform very specific actions with them. American English is well established and support for other languages and regions will also come until 2025.

Priority notifications, text message digests, web pages, voice memos, and emails are also sure to arrive in September. Image Playground, Genmoji, and smart writing tools are expected to arrive complete with the release of iOS 18. On the other hand, integration with ChatGPT will arrive in 2024, but by the end of the year.



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