This is how awesome the new Calculator app is in iPadOS 18

The Calculator app has arrived on the iPad and has changed completely: these are all its new features

This is how awesome the new Calculator app is in iPadOS 18
The Calculator app has arrived on the iPad and has introduced great new features

iPadOS 18 will always be a version remembered for adding the Calculator app. However, what we couldn’t imagine is that it would be so impressive. And it has come with great functions that deserve a special mention, such as the possibility of solving mathematical formulas or making conversions, among others.

At first glance, the new Calculator app is very similar to the iPhone version. Everything changes when you press the new button at the bottom right and all the magic of Math Notes begins. This new feature allows you to type or type mathematical formulas and solve them instantly. But let’s look at all the new features below.

Math Notes is the biggest change to the Calculator app to date

It is now possible to enter an equation by typing or typing and instantly add its graphical representation with a simple gesture. In addition, we have the ability to incorporate multiple equations into a single graph, allowing us to explore how they interact when adjusting variables. And how do we adjust for these variables? Simply tap and slide a slider to modify its values.

All Math Notes are automatically saved in the Notes app, in a specially created folder called Math Notes. In addition, within Notes, we can take advantage of the calculator’s functions to perform calculations. Need to make a quick quote? Just enter the values, draw the sum line, and the result is automatically displayed.

This is how Math Notes will work

The application also has a scientific calculator that allows you to visualize complex expressions before proceeding to solve them. And that’s not all: it is also possible to perform conversions of units of all kinds, including length, weight, currency, speed, area, energy, electricity consumption, digital storage and much more.

Without a doubt, a great revamp of the Calculator app in both iOS 18 and iPadOS 18. Remember that these versions are in beta phase, so we will have to wait until September for compatible iPhones and iPads to enjoy the new features.



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