This is why Apple Intelligence will be supported from the iPhone 15 Pro

We already know why Apple Intelligence is limited to a few devices and it’s not to generate more sales

This is why Apple Intelligence will be supported from the iPhone 15 Pro
Apple Intelligence is Apple’s bet on AI

The rumors turned out to be true: Apple Intelligence was presented at the recent WWDC 2024 and will only be compatible with iPhone 15 Pro and iPads and Macs that have an M-series processor. This decision has generated controversy because not even the iPhone 15 will be able to enjoy all the features, but there is a valid reason.

The widespread idea that Apple Intelligence is limited to a few devices in order to drive sales isn’t entirely wrong, but it’s not the main reason. As we have been able to know thanks to the interview that some Apple executives offered on John Gruber’s “The Talk Show“, RAM memory is fundamental in this process.

Apple Intelligence needs 8GB of RAM to work optimally

Giannandrea explains that large language models and the fundamental principles of artificial intelligence require a process known as “inference” in terms of runtimes, which is “incredibly expensive” from a computational perspective. This involves the joint utilization of the device’s bandwidth and the neural engine built into Apple’s chip.

Although it may seem surprising, the A16 Bionic processor, present in the iPhone 15, is not powerful enough to execute the functions of Apple Intelligence. And it seems that the problem lies in the RAM: it has been known that 8 GB is the minimum required, an amount available only in the iPhone 15 Pro, as well as in the iPads and Macs with M series chips. In fact, RAM is so crucial that for iPads and Macs, 16GB will be needed to run Xcode’s functions.

John Gruber asked them without hesitation if it was also a strategy to increase device sales, to which they replied negatively; otherwise, they would have made more recent iPads and Macs. Attempts were made to bring Apple Intelligence to older devices, including the iPhone 15, but the hardware is not optimal to ensure the best experience. And, as we know, that’s the most important thing for Apple.

With this move, Apple also wants to usher in a new class of AI-powered products. This means that from now on, all iPhones will incorporate Apple Intelligence. It is rumored that all iPhone 16s will have a minimum of 8 GB of RAM, which implies that all four models, unlike the current situation, will have Apple Intelligence functions. Finally, it is important to consider that in the case of the iPhone 15, the fact that the Pro models have a Neural Engine twice as fast also influences.



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