Turning off iPhone in iOS 18 will become easier than ever thanks to this new button

iOS 18 will have a new button in Control Center that will make shutting down the iPhone much easier and faster

Turning off iPhone in iOS 18 will become easier than ever thanks to this new button
iOS 18 will allow you to turn off the iPhone from Control Center

iOS 18 has not only included great customization features, but also small details that improve the user experience, such as a change in the way the iPhone is turned off, which will now be easier and faster than ever: through a new button in the upper right corner of the Control Center.

The way to turn off the iPhone has been changing over the years because the buttons have acquired new functionalities. However, although it is still easy to perform this action today, in iOS 18 it will be much simpler, since, as we have anticipated, it will only be necessary to press a button.

Press a button and you’re done

The iPhone X welcomed Face ID and said goodbye to Touch ID and the Home button. This changed the way the iPhone was turned off, which was previously achieved by holding down the side button. This action became the way Siri is invoked, so turning off the iPhone began to be done by pressing the side button next to one of the volume buttons.

There is also the possibility of turning off the iPhone with the Shortcuts app or from the Settings, but in iOS 18 you can turn off it with an even faster method: with a button in the Control Center that will always be present in the upper right part of it.

Thus, the only thing you will have to do when iOS 18 is available is to swipe down from the top right and, when the Control Center appears, tap on the new power button. The power screen will also appear, and all you’ll need to do is “Slide to Power Off”.

This is just one of the many details that we can find in iOS 18, which is in addition to the new charging limits on the iPhone 15, the possibility of changing the shortcuts of the lock screen or the new calculator, which is now capable of formulas and conversions of all kinds.



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