What is Ten Ten and how do you download the walkie-talkie app that is triumphing around the world and worries the French government

Ten Ten is the new trendy app that is a hit with young people. What makes it so special?

What is Ten Ten and how do you download the walkie-talkie app that is triumphing around the world and worries the French government
The logo of Ten Ten, the fashion app that is succeeding among young people

With millions of downloads all over the world in a few months, Ten Ten has already become one of the most popular applications of recent times. The application, which has had an iOS version since 2022, and whose Android version arrived in April of this year, already appears on the charts of the main application stores.

But what is it really? Its creators define it as a walkie-talkie app. So far, there’s nothing that makes it special compared to other apps of the same style, or even to WhatsApp’s voice calling feature. However, Ten Ten goes further. In fact, for the Minister of the Interior of the Government of France it goes too far, and she worries that it could become a risk for younger users.

What is Ten Ten and how to use it

The Ten Ten app user interface
The Ten Ten app user interface

The service, created by the Frenchmen Jule Colmar and Antoine Baché, inherits features from other social networks and combines them with features more typical of a private communication service, such as WhatsApp.

Its operation is simple. As soon as you install and open the app for the first time, you are asked to log in or register, either through an email address, a Google account or a TikTok account.

Among the permissions requested by the application, the following should be highlighted:

  • Access to the contact list
  • Access to approximate location
  • Accessing the Camera
  • Microphone access
  • Full network access
  • Prevent the device from going into “standby”

If you decide to accept the full list of permissions requested by the app, you can enjoy its main functionality: that of transforming your mobile phone into a walkie-talkie.

With Ten Ten, it is possible to record voice messages and send them to another contact. The most striking aspect of Ten Ten is in the fact that users can communicate live via audio messages with their contacts, even if the phone is locked.

Precisely, the main attraction that has already conquered millions of young people around the world is what worries the French Minister of the Interior, Camille Chaize, the most. In a post on his X profile, he assures that “behind the fun are hidden serious dangers to online privacy and security,” since the service’s current privacy policy contemplates access to sensitive user data, including names, phone numbers, nicknames, contact preferences, IP addresses or location.

Chaize also criticizes the concept of the app, believing that the real-time walkie-talkie format “increases the risk of online harassment and invasion of privacy.” For all these reasons, it recommends “using Ten Ten with caution”, recommends that parents advise their children to turn off notifications at night and when they are in quiet places, and suggests limiting who can send voice messages to reduce the risk of bullying.

How to download Ten Ten

Ten Ten – Close Friends Only


Ten Ten is available for the two main mobile platforms globally: iOS and Android. It is free to download and use, and does not include in-app purchases of any kind.

For some months now, Ten Ten can be downloaded and used in Spain through the App Store on iOS, and the Google Play Store on Android.

Download Ten Ten

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