X begins to hide the “Likes” from all users of the social network

The platform owned by Elon Musk justifies the change as “a privacy improvement”

X begins to hide the Likes from all users of the social network
Elon Musk is the owner of X, and the architect of the controversial direction that the platform has taken in recent years

After warning some time ago, the X application has kept its word by removing the “Like” tab in the profiles of third-party users. This move that the South African tycoon’s team has carried out, made with the intention of “increasing the privacy of users”, who, according to the team led by Elon Musk, are reluctant to react to certain content, will thus make each user able to see only their own “likes”, but not those of other users.

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A controversial decision

As of June 11, the change is already visible in X (Twitter), a change that implies that each user will only be able to see their own “Like” tab, and not that of other users. Publicly announced by the platform, this change will be completed over the next few days, although in versions such as desktop it is already in operation.

The most controversial fact about this change is that the “Like” column will be mandatory private for all users, although many of them had not asked for it or wanted it. Likewise, many users also blame the redundancy of “Bookmarks” after the change to “Likes”, since bookmarks allowed content to be saved in a private tab without the need for users to “Like” the post.

However, today, there are ways to circumvent this change, since the “Old Tweetdeck” extension created by users to evade current payment barriers, allows you to easily access the “Likes” of any user on the social network. This may change later, but today it is still a viable alternative to see the likes of other accounts, as it has always been possible.

Musk’s countless controversies at the helm of X

The path of the current X, what we previously knew as Twitter, has been more than convulsive since Elon Musk bought the company and decided to profoundly change the company’s guts. In addition to the fact that the company has lost much of the stock market value that the South African tycoon paid up, it has also dispensed with thousands of employees who were responsible for making the user experience as optimal as possible.

Elon Musk kicking in the air during a Tesla event
Elon Musk kicking in the air during a Tesla event

There are also many large companies that, in an unprecedented decision, are turning their backs on this platform. An example of this is the social support that was used on PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch, where publications could be easily shared. However, this service went from being free to costing astronomical annual figures, an expense for which none of the major console companies were willing to pay.

On the other hand, this change also denotes the lurches in the plans that the company prepares over time, since the hiding of the “Like” tab was already an option available to users of X Premium, the paid version of the platform that, in addition to giving the verified, offers special features such as longer posts and the possibility of editing posts even if they have already been published. among other functions.



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