Xiaomi’s new thing is a 250-gram drone with a 4K camera: it costs less than you think

All the features and prices of the new FIMI MINI 3, Xiaomi’s drone that boasts strong wind resistance and 32 minutes of flight time on a single charge

Xiaomi's new thing is a 250-gram drone with a 4K camera: it costs less than you think
Xiaomi’s new FIMI Mini 3 drone

Today, Xiaomi lovers are in luck, because the Chinese brand is leaving us a morning full of news. The company has also just presented FIMI MINI 3, its new drone with a 4K resolution camera. Below, we are going to discover all the features it offers and its asking price.

This is FIMI MINI 3, Xiaomi’s new drone

FIMI, Xiaomi’s drone brand, has a new member in its catalog. The FIMI MINI 3 has support for 4K/60fps video recording and 12x digital zoom, allowing you to capture sharp images with great detail. In addition, it comes equipped with a 1/2-inch 48 MP Sony image sensor that improves performance and ensures excellent recording in any lighting conditions, even in totally night scenes thanks to the AI Super Night Video mode.

The Xiaomi FIMI Mini 3 has a range of 9 kilometers of high-definition real-time transmission
The Xiaomi FIMI Mini 3 has a range of 9 kilometers of high-definition real-time transmission

The drone uses SoLink to transmit its content, a high-definition digital image transmission technology, and achieves high-definition real-time transmission up to a distance of 9 km. As for its physical appearance, it boasts an elegant, portable and ultra-light design that allows us to move it anywhere without any inconvenience, as it weighs practically the same as the smartphone we always carry with us: 250 grams.

On the other hand, its new intelligent battery management system achieves a flight time of 32 minutes on a single charge, although it is also available with a dual battery to enjoy a long flight time. When the battery runs out, the user can easily charge the drone via the USB-C port, which supports fast charging up to 27W, which means it won’t need to be plugged in well in advance before taking flight.

Finally, it is important to know that the three-axis mechanical gimbal allows automatic shooting from different angles, ensuring smooth and stable aerial images during high-speed flights, regardless of whether the wind is blowing strongly. In addition, it has several shooting modes: portrait mode to adapt it to devices with a vertical screen, such as the mobile phone, and queue mode to perform smart flights and mirror flights.

Pricing and Availability

Xiaomi’s new drone has been presented on Youpin, the online sales portal founded by themselves where they sell their own products and those of other brands, and can already be purchased on the official FIMI website. The model is available with two variants, one with a single battery and one with a double battery, and these are their respective prices:

  • FIMI MINI 3 (1 battery): 349 dollars.
  • FIMI MINI 3 (64 GB + 1 battery): 359 dollars.
  • FIMI MINI 3 (128 GB + 1 battery): 369 dollars.
  • FIMI MINI 3 (2 batteries): 369 dollars.
  • FIMI MINI 3 (1 bag + 2 batteries): 399 dollars.
  • FIMI MINI 3 (1 bag + 128 GB + 2 batteries): 409 dollars.

In addition to the drone itself, the package includes several essential elements for its operation: a remote control, eight spare propellers, a USB-C charging cable, a battery, a screwdriver, four screws, a gimbal cover, two cables and the instruction manual to learn how to operate it.



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