Your iPhone will be able to tell you what time it is even when it’s turned off without battery

A feature known as Power Reserve that will be present in iOS 18 and only on the iPhone 15 will make this possible

Your iPhone will be able to tell you what time it is even when it's turned off without battery
The iPhone 15 Pro Max, current top model of the Apple phone

You already know that iOS 18 was recently presented within the framework of Apple’s last WWDC. This is something known, in itself it is not relevant. What is is the novelty that we almost overlooked if it were not for the fact that there are people who are always watching. And it’s interesting, especially when you consider that many of us look at the time on our phone.

As they have uncovered on Reddit, iOS 18 can tell the time it is even if the phone is fully discharged. According to one of the images published in the forum metaplatform (which you can see a little later), the time appears in the upper right corner of the screen.

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Tell the time even without battery?

Power Reserve running on iOS 18 on an iPhone 15
Power Reserve running on iOS 18 on an iPhone 15

Yes, it’s possible thanks to an iPhone feature known as Power Reserve. This function saves its last gasp from the battery (metaphorically speaking) for several things: making sure that the phone can be found, that contactless payments can be made and that the digital key fob can be accessed, even if there is no power to do anything else.

For some reason that is unclear, it seems that Power Reserve is only available for the iPhone 15. This is not new, as these new features tend to skip the previous generations, so no iPhone 14 or previous models: if you are not the owner of the latest generation of Apple’s smartphone, forget about having this feature.

It is worth adding, in any case, that possibly keeping the watch active will make the battery reserve more workable, even if it is imperceptible. For now, the only way to try out this feature is to sign up as a developer to download the iOS 18 beta.

It is worth mentioning that this beta is not intended for use by the general public; only for developers who are willing to immerse themselves in the code to improve it and to live with bugs that, on many occasions, can make it difficult to use the terminal normally.



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