Transferring Contacts From Blackberry To iPhone

For various reasons, you are required to carry out your business and/or personal communication through two phones like an iPhone and a BlackBerry. And, you may need to transfer contacts from the latter to the former sooner or later. How do you achieve this feat? Have you been running from pillar to post? Relax; here is how you do it! With the best cloud storage available in these smartphones, you really do not need to stress out!

BlackBerry to iPhone using your Mac (or PC)

Contacts from the older BlackBerry to iOS phones can be transferred if the iPhone is in sync with the mac. BlackBerry Desktop software app is what you have to use to do this. You need to do no more than start BlackBerry Desktop software after connecting the BlackBerry to your Mac. You can also use the PC version and go ahead with the same procedure. Once in BlackBerry desktop, go to Device, Backup and carry on backing up operation in your BlackBerry. Your contacts will be saved to your Mac or PC as the case may be.

iPhone to Mac

After connecting iPhone to Mac, you must launch iTunes. Select ‘Info’ after scrolling down and tick the box you find next to “Sync Contacts’. Whenever you attempt to sync the iPhone on the Mac, the contacts will sync with the iPhone and there you are!

BlackBerry to iPhone using Google Apps & Google Sync

If you have to transfer contact from Android to iPhone, you can easily do it because the contacts in your Google account can be accessed by you from any device. However, this operation cannot be done with BlackBerry for free. You will have to pay for Google Apps. Click in your BlackBerry. When prompted, start downloading the Google sync.  When you have launched the app, you can login. If you do not have a Gmail account, open one. Select ‘Sync Now’. Your contacts will start arriving at the Gmail account. Now, in your iPhone, go to ‘settings’ and onwards to Mail, Contacts and calendars. Click on the Add Account and then select Microsoft Exchange. If you want to fully sync contacts, the Gmail account should be entered as an exchange account. Keep entering the Gmail address, username and password in order and hit Next. Go to ‘Server’ field and type the phrase and then give Yes to Sync and Contacts as well as Calendars.

Free InTouch

You can use a free application ‘InTouch’ to upload your contacts and transfer them to devices like iOS and Android. After downloading, install the app and start setting up your account. The app can now download the contacts from BlackBerry.

Easy iCloud

One more method to get your contacts transferred from BlackBerry to iPhone is to utilize a cloud service. In a few easy steps, iCloud can make the transfer of contacts. If your primary account is Gmail on BB10 model, you only require a minimal effort to complete the task.  iCloud will see to it that you are able to access your contacts from iPhone.

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