For just one euro, snag a house in Italy in regions like Liguria, Sicily, Piedmont, and Abruzzo, as authorities sell abandoned properties to revitalize sparsely populated areas. While unrenovated, it's a chance to own an Italian home for a minimal cost.


In Paris, you can buy a bottle of water from a store, not cafes.


At a budget club in Budapest, you can get a shot of PALINKA or any other drink for the same price!


In Vietnam, a dollar can get you a straw hat, cobra venom ointment, half an hour of karaoke, or four hours of bowling.


In the outskirts of Brussels, $1 gets you half a Belgian waffle, while in the city center, it's only enough for a piece of gum.


In this place, you can get two peeled mangoes, a fruity ice drink, or two servings of fried banana for purchase.


In Tokyo supermarkets, $1 can get you yakisoba noodles.


Whether in Caracas or any city here, fill up your car's gas tank, or grab 4 public transportation tickets if you don't own a car.


Get four local light beers at a Prague store like Tesco, or opt for two bottles and a bag of chips for the same price if you prefer less alcohol.

Czech Republic

At a Goa beach, buy a traditional Indian thali with rice, veggies, and sauces from street vendors, or a fancy meal with mashed veggies and chickpeas along with masala tea at the same price from a stylish stall.