Whole grains, nuts, and zinc-rich foods can positively influence body odor.

Diet  matters

Drinking enough water helps maintain a balanced pH, preventing bacteria buildup and bad breath.

Hydration  is key

Opt for neutral, unscented deodorants for better skin and environmental health.

Choose eco-friendly  hygiene products

Air out clothes well to prevent odors, and avoid storing them in damp places.

Ventilate spaces  and clothing

Sun exposure and dry steam baths help eliminate odors from clothes.

Use natural  methods

Use aromatic soaps in closets and drawers to keep spaces smelling fresh.

Maintain a cool  environment

Confidence in your natural scent contributes to overall well-being.

Embrace your   natural scent

Ensure good airflow in living spaces to prevent stagnant odors.

Proper  ventilation

Consider using essential oils or natural scents instead of artificial perfumes.

Opt for natural  fragrances

Brushing and flossing regularly help maintain fresh breath and overall oral health.

Practice good   oral hygiene