Where to get your BitLocker recovery key for Windows

In the world of digital security, BitLocker stands as a reliable guardian, ensuring your data remains protected on your Windows device. But what happens when the unexpected occurs, and you find yourself in need of the BitLocker recovery key? It’s a lifeline that can unlock your encrypted data. Here, we show you how to get your BitLocker recovery key using your associated Microsoft account.

BitLocker, a Microsoft encryption technology, is commonly enabled on modern laptops. When you find yourself in a situation where you’re prompted to provide the recovery key, the solution is to enter it. Typically, these keys are digitally stored in the Microsoft account linked to the specific device.

Get your BitLocker recovery key

To access your recovery key, please go to Microsoft account and log in using your Microsoft credentials. If you’ve had or currently own multiple computers, you might come across several keys listed there. If it’s not immediately clear which one corresponds to your device from the labels in the “Device Name” column, you may need to try them one by one.

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