Your best ally for this summer: Polaroid Go Gen 2, the smallest analogue camera in the world

It costs less than 90 euros and is available in four vibrant colors

Your best ally for this summer: Polaroid Go Gen 2, the smallest analogue camera in the world
The Polaroid Go Gen 2 instant camera in white

After a couple of weeks of contact, with the temperature giving us a hot spot and a sand one, now the summer season officially starts. And with it the afternoons at the beach, the laughter watching the sunset with friends, the countless jugs of sangria to beat the heat, the summer song playing in the beach bar… But something is missing: to be able to capture all those moments and have them printed in just a few seconds, and for this we have found the perfect candidate.

In every group of friends, there is always a person who is in charge of gathering the group and taking out the camera to immortalize the moment, despite the repeated complaints of many of those present. And if you don’t have a friend like that… it’s just you. Polaroid’s portable printers are really comfortable because of their compatibility with Android and iOS, but now imagine not having to carry that extra device in your pocket.

This is the Polaroid Go Gen 2, the camera with which you will bring out your most creative side and get photos instantly

And that’s probably what will happen if you take the Polaroid Go Gen 2, the world’s smallest analogue camera, on holiday. In an age when the smartphone has become our third arm, this compact format photographic device will make your summer even more special. In addition to being able to carry it everywhere in your bag or backpack, it has a sleek and modern design that won’t go unnoticed.

The Polaroid Go Gen 2 camera in three of its available colors: red, white and black

With it, you can forget about expensive ink cartridges and enjoy the instant chemical prints offered by this camera, which also do not fade or deteriorate over time. Take advantage of the thousands of summer plans that are proposed and let the spontaneity flow, creating memories for eternity that will decorate the wall of your room, the university filing cabinet or the summer photo album.

And that’s not all, because this camera is packed with fun features that you can use: from a built-in selfie mirror to a selfie timer for group photos, to a creative double exposure mode. And if you want to go further, you can buy the filter packs that are sold separately and they will give a unique touch to each image.

The second generation of the Polaroid Go Gen is available in four colors: on the one hand, black and white for those who prefer a more sophisticated and discreet device; and, on the other, red and blue for those who want more enthusiastic and daring tones. Best of all?



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