Bizarre Seafood – Live Dancing Squid Dish in Japan

If you are thinking how food could be bizarre? then think again, because in the way of eating live species is somewhat bizarre and strange. But there are lots of places around the world where different kinds of foods are served which may seems cruel to some of the animal lovers but for other that’s just a food and they love to eat that.

Serving dancing squid in Japan

Dancing Squid bowl is a special dish for seafood lovers in Japan where they eat dancing Squid served in a rice bowl. But if you look scientifically Squid is not alive. That Squid is actually dead who’s head is severed and that Squid is without brain that could actually control the movement, it’s just the muscle tissues contraction that make Squid to dance while soy sauce is poured on it. But it’s a bad experience for animal lovers specially lovers of sea species.

Its a tradition in Japan to eat seafood like insects, fishes, snakes, bugs and other dishes made of parts of animals but not as a whole animal. Japan is one of the largest seafood consumers in the world. There’s a vast seafood culture of thousands of dishes in Japan alone and know as the country of food and attracts food lovers from around the world in all seasons.

Japan has one of the biggest seafood markets in the world’s where thousands of tons of seafood is consumed daily from small to big hotels and restaurants across the country and large number of new dishes created everyday.



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