Landing at three points, why do superheroes fall like this?

Really, if you had a superhero friend and they went somewhere on a bus, they would invariably descend in this pose. I would also do the exact same thing if I had to jump a puddle on the road, or if I stumbled. No matter the situation, any superhero worth his salt must fall on three points. We warn you, if you’re not a superhero, you’re not going to cause anything but someone else’s pity.



The bad-ass-mother-fucka style of the three-point landing is achieved by supporting, at the same time, the hand, the knee and the foot (with slight variations, sometimes the leg flexed instead of the knee). Of course, the other hand should always point backwards. And the gaze straight ahead or on the ground.

Just like this:

Go and give it a try, we’ll be waiting for you here. Climb into the closet and jump from there.

If after landing you didn’t let out any moans or tears – nor did you fall on your side slowly, like a freshly felled tree – the effect is much more pronounced.

The pose is so cliché in movies that some have begun to call it the new Wilhelm scream, which for years has been used in action scenes with victims. Second would be that classic scene of the superhero slowly walking towards the camera with a real apocalypse happening in the background.

The three-point landing (a name that is also used as a reference for perfect landings in aviation) was inspired by martial arts (it first made its way into comic books and then into cartoons), but was adopted not for the efficiency in absorbing the impact but for the scenic effect it achieves.

According to people who know how to fall in real life (read stuntmen, skydivers and fighters) the three-point landing only results in three injuries, as it is completely inappropriate for absorbing the impact of a fall, a maneuver that should normally be executed with some kind of bearing.

But… As somersaults are something that a child or any clown uses – and they don’t raise so much dust – the film industry opts for its characters to continue landing in such an eye-catching way. And we have to admit, it’s the coolest way to do it, and they can keep doing it that people will always like. For example, when I get out of bed I do it like this. And then I jump to the computer.



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