Stunning images of Venice’s canals without water

Venice is a famous Italian town divided by multiple canals where the most common means of transport are boats of all kinds and, more traditionally, gondolas: luxurious smaller boats that make tourists happy and make Venice an even more perfect city for lovers of romance.

Venices Canals Dried Up

However, between January and February, some of Venice’s most celebrated canals simply run out of water, revealing unusual images of these dry routes.

This is what the Venice that most tourists know looks like.

Sunset in Venice

However, that’s how it turned out in the last few days of January and February.

Dry Venetian Canals (6)

It is suspected that the causes of this phenomenon were due to a series of exceptional factors such as the lack of rainfall, exceptionally cold weather and the super moon of January, which ended up influencing the level of the tide.

Dry Venetian Canals (7)

Local transport temporarily overwhelmed and Venetians have to delay the city’s famous carnival until second half of February.

Dry Venetian Canals (5)
Dry Venetian Canals (4)
Dry Venetian Canals (3)
Dry Venetian Canals (2)
Dry Venetian Canals (1)


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