5 Best Free Online Fax Services to Send/Receive Fax

Who want to spend money on fax machine and expensive phone line if you can send free online fax. There all you need is an internet connection to send and receive fax.

These internet fax services also offers some features that a normal phone line can not provide you. So, here are the 5 best online fax services.

PamFax (www.pamfax.biz/)


You can send & receive free fax using PamFax. There is no monthly cost, no ads on fax pages, no credit card required for sign up, low worldwide rates after free limit, can send/receive fax from various apps like Dropbbox, Box, Google Drive, SkyDrive etc, free fax number (unlimited reception). PamFax is available on almost all platforms i.e. Windows, Mac OS X, iPhone/iPad, Android and Blackberry.

FaxZERO (faxzero.com/)


FaxZERO allows you to instantly send free fax from you browser interface. Enter your name and email address, enter receiver name and fax number, attach files you want to send, type text what ever you want to appear on cover page and click send. That’s the whole 2 minutes process to send fax using faxZERO. You can send maximum 3 pages + cover for free and maximum of 5 free faxes per day. You can also send more than 3 pages fax at a nominal charge of $1.99 per Fax.

eFax (en.efax.com/)


eFax (Easy faxing anywhere) offers you more than 4900 area codes to send and receive fax worldwide. eFax also provides you unlimited data storage of you fax and documents and allows you to easily retrieve past documents. You can send large files and can faxes to multiple destinations at once. It allows you to send and receive faxes via email from around the world. and share of large files like videos, images and sales presentations.

GotFreeFax (www.gotfreefax.com/)


You can send/receive fax to U.S. and Canada using GotFreeFax service. There is no need to install any application , all the tools are provided on single browser window. All you have to do is enter sender and receiver information and the content to send a fax. There free service offers 2 free fax per day maximum, 3 pages per fax maximum and there is no ads on the free fax pages. They also provide premium pay-per-fax service and Premium/Business prepaid fax service.

Popfax (popfax.com/)


Popfax is a popular online fax service to send/receive online fax to worldwide. You will get a local fax number from over 500 cities in 20 countries. There is no credit card details required for Popfax free online fax service. They offers wide options to send online fax, first 30 days are free to send/receive fax thereafter you can send worldwide fax at nominal per page price or at affordable monthly plan. You can send fax to 1000s of destinations at once. They also provides fully featured mobile website for easy online fax on PDA and smart phones.

If you know any other of your favourite online fax service then, don’t forget to share in comments.

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