20 Useful and Some Not-So-Useful Items You’ll Love for Your Home

Designers are constantly inventing amazing gadgets whose sole purpose is to make our lives easier. And it seems they will never stop innovating.

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That’s why here are 20 ingenious inventions so amazing that you won’t hesitate to want them.


1. Steel Pills That Cool Your Drink

Ideal tablets for cooling drinks

It’s amazing because in addition to refreshing your drink, it maintains its flavor.

2. Balcony planters

Balcony planters

To place these pots it is not necessary to drill or hammer anything, as it has a plastic clamp ideal for hanging on the railings.

Planter designs ideal for hanging on balconies

3. Playdough that conforms to any shape and adheres to any surface

Playdough that adapts to any shape to fix broken things

It’s great for fixing things that have been broken.

4. Pencil Drawing Pentagrams

pencil painting pentagrams

The ideal pencil for any musician.

5. Beverage heating spheres

Ideal spheres for heating beverages

6. Cup Squeezing Tea Bags

Ideal Cup for Squeezing Tea Bags

7. Gel to clean even the most difficult places

Gel to clean any surface

8. Portable Room

Portable room ideal for any traveler

This suitcase transforms into a room with a bed, desk, chair, lamp and shade; Ideal for travelers and backpackers.

9. Timer Containers

Container with timer

It won’t open until the scheduled time is reached.

10. Candy Dividing Machine by Color

Candy machine that separates candies by color

11. Hot Butter Knife

Hot butter melting knife

12. Wi-Fi Pen

Wi-Fi pen that everything you write on paper appears on a tablet

Everything this pen writes on paper appears on the tablet’s screen.

13. Cloud-shaped shower

Cloud-shaped plant watering can

14. Lamp-shaped page divider

Book with a lamp-shaped bookmark

15. Magnetic Egg Forming A Nest With Paper Clips

Magnetic Egg Forming A Nest With Paper Clips

16. Walking seat with children on their shoulders

Ideal seat for men who carry their children on their shoulders

17. Tea Set That Creates Optical Illusion

Tea Set That Creates Optical Illusions
GIF of a Mug Creating Optical Illusions

18. Rocking chair for charging iPhone or iPad

Rocking chair with charger for iPhone or iPad

This rocking chair will charge your phone in just three hours.

19. Cell Phone Charger Cabinet

Cabinet with charger included

This amazing piece of furniture features a wireless smartphone charger.

20. Shoes with their heels removed

Shoes that have their heels removed

These heels can be converted into comfortable flats.




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