16 Simple Closet Organizing Tricks, You’ll Love Them!

It’s always a battle to organize your closet, and no matter how much space there is, it’s never enough! Clothes don’t fit, shoes are everywhere, drawers are a mess, and in jewelry boxes accessories mysteriously disappear.

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The first thing we want to advise you today to organize your closet is: get rid of what you don’t use!


Yes, we know it’s hard, especially if you think about those jeans that were too luxurious three years ago and swear you’ll get back into them one day. But the most effective method of knowing what to donate, sell, throw away, is to ask yourself the question: Have I used it in the last eight months? If your answer is a resounding NO, then they should go.

That said, here are 16 tricks for organizing your closet; They are very simple and practical. The best? Work!

1. Space-saving: hang 2 hooks in one

Organizing Your Closet - Two Hooks in One

2. Tidy up your drawers by putting small cardboard boxes

Organize closet - drawers

3. I love this idea for accessories!

Organize Closet - Accessories

4. Store your clothes like this so you know exactly what to wear

Organizing Closets - Storing Clothes

5. Tangled wires are a horror, fix it like this!

Closet Organizing - Cables

6. Ideal for your lens collection

Closet Organizing - Lenses

7. All your pashminas on one hook

Organize closet - chews

8. Divide your drawers for your underwear

Divide your drawers for your underwear

9. Or this is another way…

Organize Closet - Underwear

10. Use a PVC pipe to store whatever you want

Closet Organizer - PVC Pipe

11. Just what I need!

Organize Closet - Shoes

12. Don’t let your cosmetics be all over the place!

Closet Organizing - Cosmetics

13. Why not hang up your shoes?

Closet Organizing - Hanging Shoes

14. Another great idea for your necklaces

Closet Organizing - Earrings

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15. All you need is cardboard, and you’re good to go!

Organizing Closet - Shoes in Boxes

16. You can hang this in your closet

Closet Organizing - Ordering Nail Polishes




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