10 CHEAP Ideas to Create a ‘Minimalist’ Closet Without Spending a Lot of Money

When you think of your dream closet, you probably picture an entire room filled with secret shelves, cabinets, and drawers that display your clothes better than the windows of swanky stores. However, you don’t need a big budget to have a beautiful, practical and original wardrobe, worthy of Pinterest.

Table of Contents


1. With PVC pipes

PVC Pipe Cabinet

2. With wooden bars

Pastel-painted wooden boxes used as a wardrobe

3. Old chairs can be a good option

Old Chair Closet

4. With a branch, to make it look very rustic

Branch Holding Clothes

5. Minimalist: don’t buy a piece of furniture, paint it!

Painted wardrobe on the wall

6. With a ladder

Clothes hanging from a staircase

7. Or with two and a good cane to support the weight of your clothes

Wardrobe made of two ladders

8. With a chain hanging from the ceiling

Coat rack made of a rod hanging from the ceiling of the room

9. The trend is coat racks

Coat rack with clothes in pink tones

Say goodbye to furniture, with this trend you can see your clothes, you have more space and you give a very chic touch to your room.

10. Space-saving

Closet with high shelves




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