20 Amazing and Simple Ideas to Keep All the Spaces in Your Home Organized

Nowadays space in homes is very limited, so it is a problem to try to organize spices in the kitchen, shampoo bottles in the bathroom or store clothes in the closet.

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That’s why in the following list we’ve compiled some ideas that will help you make better use of the space in your home. Notes!

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1. Kitchen table that slides in and out

table sliding under a table in the kitchen

2. Magnetic tape for spice racks

Magnetic tape of spice racks inside kitchen cabinets

3. Place your spices in different containers inside a drawer

Drawer with containers full of spices inside a drawer in the kitchen

4. Create a trash can inside a piece of furniture

Trash can inside a piece of furniture in the house

5. Use PVC Pipes to Store Your Shoes

PVC pipes fixed to the wall to accommodate shoes

6. Foldable space to put your accessories

Folding bar to your kitchen furniture to put things on top

7. Create a storage space under the stairs

Storage room under the stairs

8. A bed base with drawers underneath

Base of a bed made up of drawers and storage spaces

9. V-shaped fixed wall shelves to organize your footwear

V-shaped wall shelves for organizing shoes

10. Place a rod in your closet for items you use frequently

Ideas for an organized closet in a room

11. Three-in-one space for bedroom, desk and cloakroom

Three-in-one bedroom space, cloakroom and study

12. Fold-to-the-wall bed

Elegant bedroom with a bed that is foldable to the wall

13. Attach baskets to the wall and use them as shelves in your bathroom

Woven baskets fixed to the wall like towel shelves inside a bathroom

14. To save space in your bathroom, place shelves and drawers around your bathtub

Soaking tub with drawers and shelves to accommodate things

15. Hooks Under Shelves for Hanging Cups

Hooks under shelves for hanging coffee cups

16. Vertical garden on the wall with small jars

Small jars fixed on the wall like a vertical garden

17. Container bar between the pantry and the kitchen table

Under cupboard container bar in kitchen

18. Wall Table for Hanging Kitchen Utensils

wall table for hanging kitchen utensils

19. Wooden bars like drawers under the library

shelves on the wall that make up a library in a house

20. A Bathroom Under the Stairs

bathroom under the stairs of a house


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