27 Things You Can Recycle and Dual-Use in Your Home

Caring for the environment is an issue that should interest ALL of us. Sometimes it is very easy for us to blame governments, big business or international organizations for not putting a stop to the high levels of pollution that exist on a global scale. But very rarely do we turn to look at ourselves to question ourselves and say, “What about me?”

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Well, as human beings who inhabit this planet Earth we also have our part in the problem, and we should start acting to put practical solutions in place. If you’re wondering right now, “what can I do to help the environment?”, you’ll probably be surprised to know that there are many ways you can contribute, and as I said, they’re practical and simple solutions within our means.

Use the car less, don’t throw rubbish in the streets, use reusable cloth bags to go shopping and even recycle some things and give them a dual use in our home. And the latter is exactly what we want to talk to you about today: there are many things that we throw away every day and that we can use to give a new look to our home or to organize it. If you want to know some ideas, here are 27:


1. You’d never think it could look like this

Trampoline converted into a comfortable hanging floating bed

2. You Won’t Throw Away Pizza Boxes Again

Pizza boxes are made into pictures

3. Organize your bathroom with soda bottles

Dual-Use Plastic Bottles

4. A Jewelry Maker Recycling Bottles

Jewelry box with plastic bottles

5. This is how you can transform a simple cardboard box

Storage box from cardboard box

6. I loved this idea!

Cereal boxes to store papers

7. Make an organizer out of cardboard boxes

Organizer made with cardboard

8. Create furniture out of plastic bottles!

Armchairs with plastic bottles

9. A centerpiece with disposable spoons

Tulips with spoons

10. Store bottle corks

Frame made with bottle corks

11. A Beautiful, Inexpensive Frame for Your Mirror

Mirror frame with paper rolls

12. Don’t know what to do with old CDs? Now you know!

Recycled CDs

13. Don’t throw away your old grater

Uses of an Old Cheese Grater

14. Plastic Bottle Gift Wrapping

Gifts in plastic bottles

15. In a store it would cost you dearly, do it yourself!

Upholstered carton boxes

16. Use PVC Pipes to Organize Your Room

PVC Pipe for Dryer

17. Don’t throw away Pringles bottles again

Pringles bottle for wipes

18. An old tire? A new toy!

Dual-use tires toy for kids

19. You Won’t Lose Pins Anymore

With recycled tic tac canister

20. Make Your Own Paint Palette

Making Paint Palette with Screw Plugs

21. A Bracelet Organizer

To put on bracelets

22. To Feed the Birds

Bird Food with Plastic Bottles

23. A cool speaker and cell phone holder

Decorated speakers

24. They look great!

Bottles with fabric

25. Your sewing kit in a box

Box with threads inside

26. I was fascinated by this table!

Magazine Table

27. Different Uses for Cans

Uses for Cans




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