20 Amazing Photo Frames You Can Make Without Spending a Lot

Redecorating your home doesn’t have to be expensive, you can make many of the pieces yourself and give it an original and unique touch.

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Here are some amazing examples of what you can do with the frames you have lying around or want to add and, in addition, you can put your own style on each of the works.


1. With photos of your favorite celebrities

Original Photo Frames

2. Decorate with stencils

Original Frames Ideas

3. Or old toys that your kids don’t use anymore

Original Frames

4. The pieces of your old puzzle work too

Original Frames

5. A piece of wood looks minimalist

Original Photo Frame Ideas

6. How about another figure?

Original Frames

7. You Can Put It To Different Uses

Original Frames

8. In a very original way

Original Photos Frame

9. With semi-precious stones

Simple Frames

10. Use colorful specks for a fun twist

Original Frame Ideas

11. Paper Can Generate Different Shapes

Original Frames from Papers

12. With ribbon of different designs

Original Frames from ribbons

13. Give your home a spring twist

Original Mirror Frames

14. No Expensive Materials Required to Exploit Your Creativity

Original Photo Frame

15. Tied branches aren’t hard to come by

Original Photos Frame Idea

16. Old magazine pages are amazing stuff

Original Frames

17. If you don’t listen to music on CDs anymore, you can make great works

Original Frames from CDs

18. With all the pearls and rocks of your decayed costume jewelry

Original Pearls Frame

19. For People Who Love to Shine

Original Frames

20. When you go to the beach, remember to collect shells

Original Frame from shells

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