The Viral Trick That Lets You Open Your Car From Afar Using Your Head

If you’re in a large parking lot and can’t find your car, this simple trick will simplify and speed up your search

The Viral Trick That Lets You Open Your Car From Afar Using Your Head
This Trick That Has Gone Viral Can Help You Find Your Car In Large Parking Lots | Photograph by Pexels

You go to a huge shopping mall, leave your car in an even bigger parking lot, and when you try to find it on your way home, you don’t know where it is. It is very likely that this problem has happened to you at some point, and also that it may happen to you again in the future, so we want to tell you about the viral trick that will help you find your car in large parking lots.

Specifically, this trick is used to open the car from a further distance than normal and the most curious thing is the element it needs to put into practice: your head. But what exactly does this technique consist of? What is the scientific reason why your head can help you open the car from afar? Let’s take a look at it below.

Why Your Head Can Help You Open the Car From Afar

If you leave your car in a large parking lot and then don’t know exactly where it is, you can use the old trick of unlocking it wirelessly to locate it more quickly by taking advantage of the sound and lights that the car emits when unlocked.

However, it should be noted that the key only works when it is within range of the signal. Therefore, if you are too far away from the car, the key will be useless and the car will not open no matter how many times you press the corresponding buttons. Fortunately, there is a trick that allows you to amplify the signal of the key using something very curious as an antenna, your own head.

This is explained by Museum of Science from its X account -formerly Twitter-, which recommends using the head as an antenna when we want to find our car in a busy parking lot. As the protagonist of the video explains, car keys work by sending short-range radio signals, from 5 to 20 meters maximum.

If you want to amplify the range distance of the key signal, simply place the key next to your head. The scientific reason is that, like the rest of the body, the head contains a large amount of water. If we stick the key to the head, the electromagnetic waves from the head interact with the water molecules, creating a new wave that adds to the remote waves that already existed and amplifies their range.

In short, it is the water molecules that interact with the electromagnetic waves of the faucet and increase its range. This is why the viral trick doesn’t just work with the head, it also works with a water bottle, as we can see in Museum of Science’s own video.

This is just one of the tricks and curiosities that you can learn about if you visit the Science section of Andro4all. Without a doubt, it is a very simple trick that can be very useful on a day-to-day basis, you will no longer waste so much time looking for your car in a busy parking lot.

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