See the difference that 2 hours of sleep can make to your body

Do you know the story that getting a good night’s sleep is good for your skin? Well, it’s true, and it’s not just good for your skin. According to a study carried out by the Sleep School, in London, England, the quality of sleep affects not only appearance, but the entire functioning of our body.

Difference in Sleep Hours

While we know that 8 hours of sleep a day is the ideal sleep time for most people, busy life reduces that number to six or fewer hours of rest per night. And as banal as this may seem to us, too little sleep can shatter our health.

During an experiment, a 46-year-old British woman named Sarah Chalmers reduced the number of hours she slept per night and, without the possibility of taking naps during the day, compared the before and after of her appearance, as well as noting the classic symptoms that appear with sleep deprivation. According to DailyMail, on the first night the woman barely slept four hours. Over the next three days, she had an eight-hour sleep pattern. For five nights in a row, however, the woman limited her sleep to just six hours.

Too little sleep produces effects such as inattention, memory problems, irritability, and insatiable hunger. According to dermatologist Dr. Anita Sturnham, quality sleep causes the skin to take on a dull, lifeless appearance, and wrinkles and dark circles to increase. This is due to the high levels of cortisol present in the body, which breaks down the proteins responsible for keeping the skin beautiful and healthy. For this same reason, pores increase and red areas may be perceived on the skin.

Without proper rest, the brain begins to fail, limiting attention and memory and begins to function in a primitive, emotion-focused mode – that’s why when we’re tired, anything is a reason to explode in anger or crying. Another rather important consequence of too little sleep is constant hunger, caused by the imbalance of hormones responsible for the feeling of satiety. In short: little sleep leaves you looking bad, moody, inattentive and, as if that wasn’t enough, makes you fat.


After 6 hours of sleep.

After 8 hours of sleep.





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