MSG Sphere: Newest Attraction in Las Vegas with Massive LED Display

MSG Sphere in Las Vegas
MSG Sphere in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is home to some of the most unique and historic architecture and attractions in the United States, venues such as the Bellagio Mandalay Bay MGM Grand T-Mobile Arena and many more are well known and recognizable throughout the country and the world. Even newer venues such as Allegiant Stadium home of the Las Vegas Raiders of the NFL strike awe into anyone that places their eyes on them for the first time those.

Historic venues May soon take a back seat however as the next big thing in Vegas tourism is about to take the events industry and the city to a whole new level of experience and spectacle allow us to introduce you to the next evolution in live music and entertainment, the MSG sphere at the Venetian the MSG sphere at the Venetian located in the heart of Las Vegas may seem like some sort of dystopian death star to the naked eye but its interior is something even more intriguing and amazing.

This sphere-shaped venue will primarily serve as a music and entertainment arena with all of the latest amenities and technology that guests could ever ask for. First announced in early 2018 the MSG sphere is a Cooperative project between both the Madison Square Garden company and the Las Vegas Sands Corporation. It sits just off the famous Las Vegas strip meaning it could very well become the staple for music and entertainment in Vegas for years to come it will boast a seating capacity of over 17000 people and features the new world’s largest LED big screen.

The MSG sphere have a high-speed internet for all guests to enjoy the arena, sport large 19000 by 13500 resolution screens spread across the interior, and the new world’s largest LED screen wrap around the entire building and measures in at over 160000 square feet. Developers have also stated that the Arena’s sound system is state of the art and includes roughly 165000 speakers including specially designed speakers that deliver sound through the Arena’s floorboards.

The exterior of the building is equipped with nearly 600,000 square feet of programmable LED lighting which makes for quite the spectacle. While the MSG sphere’s primary purpose will be hosting various Awards shows events and concerts there is also the opportunity for it to play host to a variety of sporting events such as Marquee boxing and MMA fights as well as Esports tournaments.

This is a big deal as currently those events are reserved for the more traditional Vegas venues such as the MGM Grand or T-Mobile Arena buthey. Competition is a good thing after all another intriguing feature of the MSG sphere is its partnership with MSG sphere Studios, a production studio located in Burbank California within MSG sphere Studios Engineers will handle both pre and post-production of planned events and have stated their intention to collaborate with musicians and filmmakers alike to create unique eye-popping content for their events.

The studio will also plan and produce content for other planned spheres including one that has already been announced for construction in Stratford East London which is slated to be an exact replica of the Las Vegas sphere adding to the list of already impressive features the arena will also boast an extreme ease of access we’ve already stated that it will be located off the Las Vegas Strip making it easy to find and where the population of tourists is the most dense.

However they aren’t stopping there there are also plans for a brand new Las Vegas Monorail station to be constructed right outside the arena although the construction on that station was also paused in the wake of the global pandemic not only will the MSG sphere be a must-see attraction.

Access to the groundbreaking Arena will be extremely easy and efficient. Initially slated for a 2021 opening construction on the MSG sphere was delayed in the wake of the global pandemic caused by covet 19. The arena now officially open its doors and the next evolution of in-person entertainment experiences will look like with Vegas being the home to numerous large events and housing the residences of dozens of superstars only time will tell just how quickly the MSG sphere will assimilate itself into the top tier of Las Vegas’s tourist attractions we simply cannot wait.



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