Directional Speakers Focus Sound to Head Like a Laser Beam

Imagine if you can focus sound to head without earphones and without disturbing other people around you, making fun of directing sound to the head of a person who doesn’t know from where the sound is coming or want to listen music in loud sound without earphones. However, it comes possible using a directional speakers which direct sound to head like a laser beam.


Directional speaker-1

For sure, you already experienced that kind of speakers in retail stores, exhibits, museums and other crowded places where you get the description of a product or an art in a museum or showroom by these speakers. They produce sound in specific direction, means you should be in the right place to hear the sound and no one else is hearing it expect you. This technology has vast applications in various fields and becoming more and more common with time.

Many small or large manufactures are inventing individual or corporate level directional speakers. Soundlazer is a kind of speaker designed for individuals to focus sound to the head without disturbing other people around. Some times it is fun of listening to music without earphones in loud sound and no one else can hear what you are listening or directly send message to someone’s head keeping others unalarmed, that sounds interesting.

So, how basically it works and you can experience it at your own.


Technology Behind Directional Speakers

Directional speakers used an array of piezoelectric ultrasonic transducers to produce a sound beam which points to specific direction like a laser beam. These small ultrasonic transducers are capable of producing sound at high frequencies which lead to a narrow beam of sound wave produced by devices.

Directional speaker

These small transducer are assembled in an array of multiple transducers because more the area of speaker, more directional produced sound is. To listen the sound coming out of speaker, you need to be in the direction of the speaker pointing sound to, otherwise you listen nothing in the off direction.

Individual directional speakers like Soundlazer can be attached to smartphones or music system to listen privately without other to realize that you are listening to something.


Uses of Directional Speakers

Directional speaker-3

Directional speakers are already be in use on various places. Some of the place where these speakers mostly used and be useful and meaningful too are:

1. Museums

2. Libraries

3. Trade Shows

4. Offices

5. Sopping Malls

6. In-Store Advertising

and lot more.

These are some common place where these kind of speakers are mostly used but applications are vast and not ended here. However, you can also use it to listen music without disturbing other people around you by connecting to your smartphone or music system or place anywhere to get directional sound.



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