Using Barcode Reader to Read QR Codes

I’ve been a fan of barcode readers ever since I was asked to produce a system for logging in the return of talking newsletters for the Isle of Wight Blind Society. I would use Avery Label Pro software to generate barcodes from the client database number, and using the old MS-DOS database Q&A it could scan the code to automatically keep an eye on which tapes had been returned. The address label was a reversible address card with a barcode printed by the label program.


I’m not that technical, but I now realize all this can be done in Microsoft Access (with a barcode font). I forget which barcode reader I used, but it would have been a 1D (or one-dimensional) model for conventional barcodes only.

Barcode And Qr Code Reader

I’ve now purchased a 2D reader that also reads QR codes – it’s made by NetumScan and costs $22 from Amazon (pictured above).

Any data system which requires you to input a number would benefit – especially ISBN numbers which all come with barcodes. I use a reader for inputting data into the cataloguing software Data Crow (



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