14 Most Ingenious Barcodes That Could Have Created These Markings

In everyday life, we use barcodes more than we realize. Have you ever thought about how long ago you bought a product? Surely in the day you already went to a supermarket, to the convenience store, to the stationery store, where they scanned some bars that look very boring. And if not, you probably have one in your room, office, or even in your backpack. Check down your computer and you probably have one.

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This time we show you how the ingenuity of product image designers turned something as boring, as thin and thick lines, into something attractive to the eyes of consumers.


1. Children’s book about a dog and a storm

Barcode Rain Book

2. Yum yum… Spaghetti!

Barcode Paste

3. Hot Sauce

Barcode Sauce

4. Sauce… too spicy?

Habanero Sauce Barcode

5. The Dragon’s Sauce

Dragon Salsa Barcode

6. A very elegant wine

Barcode Elegant Wine

7. Sardine Fisherman

Barcode Sardines

8. Very fashionable perfume

Barcode Fashion Lenses

9. From farm to table

Farmer Barcode

10. A happy waiter, whistling with the plates

Barcode Waiter

11. Mowing the Lawn

Grass Barcode

12. Roots of a Tree

Barcode Tree

13. Accordion

Accordion Barcode

14. This Cream Will Help A Close Shave

Barcode Shaving Cream

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