The commercial, Adidas at first ignored and later… regrets it

“Who is Eugen Merher?” was probably what the creatives at Adidas probably thought when they received their proposal for a commercial, and perhaps the answer back then was: no one recognized. But that seems to have changed and, curiously, it changed thanks to the commercial created exclusively for the sports brand and that they ignored.

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Senior Men's adidas logo

The nearly two-minute video shows a former Olympian who now lives his day-to-day life locked up in a nursing home. His gaze seems lost, his life is nothing like what it once was, and his body doesn’t seem to correspond to what flows from his heart: a passion to keep running, a passion that comes back to him when he wears his old sneakers. And from that moment on, his gaze has that spark again and all his daily efforts have one goal: TO BE FREE.

Gif man sighing

Wait, something got in my eye…

Old sneakers

This emotional commercial has brought tears to more than one and there have even been several people who are asking for him to be considered to promote the famous brand.

It’s becoming a viral phenomenon

Gif Senior Man Running

So far it has more than two million views… and counting.

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