19 Commercials That Were Made By Real Geniuses

With so many competing products and services out there, advertisers have to be extremely innovative to get a brand that stands out more than the others. Well, since we are all bombarded by the vast array of multimedia, this is not easy for them.

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To get the public’s attention, creativity has no limits, and today we have selected the 19 most inspiring examples of true advertising.

1. Joffrey Ballet School

Joffrey Ballet School Dances Ballet at Revolving Door

2. Gilette Blades

machines link the thread, advertisement of Gilette Blades

3. NYC cabs, “if you hate waiting, raise your hand”

Creative Advertising Posters (15)

4. Panasonic Nose Epilator

Giant poster Panasonic Nose Epilator

5. 3M Safety Glass

Creative Advertising Posters 3M Safety Glass

6. Bose Sound Cancelling Headphones

Bose Sound Cancelling Headphones Niagara Falls

7. Despicable Me 2

Despicable Me 2

8. Mondo Pasta

Mondo pasta, boats take ropes like spaghetti

9. McDonalds

Creative Posters Advertising McDonalds Open at Night

10. Burger King, it doesn’t fit in a Big Mac box

Whooper from Burger King pokes fun at the box of a Big Mac

11. IBM, smart ideas for even smarter cities

 IBM. Smart Ideas for Smart Cities

12. Spicy Ketchup, Heinz

Sausage with Heinz Spicy Ketchup

13. Miele Vacuum Cleaner

Miele vacuum cleaner in a tunnel swallows cars

14. GameSpot Video Game Store

GamesSpot video game store pacman painted on the street

15. Sugar-Free Chupa Chups

Chupa Chups Sugar-Free Creative Advertising Posters

16. Scrabble Pens

Creative Advertising Posters Screabble Pens

17. Hard Rock Cafe

Creative Advertising Posters (Hard Rock Cafe9)

18. Wonderbra

Creative Advertising Posters (13)

19. Tabasco, turning corn into popcorn

Tabasco, corn, popcorn

20. Lego

Lego advertising, where the shadows show the object

21. Clean Master

White zebra, advertisement for 'Don Limpio' Cleaners



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