13 Packaging So Original That It Deserves a Creativity Award

These are some of the most original packaging that will make you want to buy the products no matter their price.

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1. Medical Supply Store Bag

Medical Supply Store Shopping Bag

2. Eye-catching Hearing Aid Cases

Eye-catching hearing aid cases

3. To drink coffee in style

Original coffee and tea packaging

4. Barrel-shaped anti-aging cream with wine

Holika Holika Wine Cream

5. Honey Packaging in the Shape of a Hive

Honey packaging in the shape of a beehive

6. Ice cream polish – makes you want to eat it!

Ice cream-shaped enamel

7. Spice racks in the shape of light bulbs

Spice traps in the shape of light bulbs

8. Very Peculiar Flavored Milk Packaging

Flavored Milk Packaging with Udders

9. Swiss Army Knife in the Shape of a Crab

Swiss Army knife in the shape of a crab

10. They finally came up with this!

Packaging for French fries and soda

French fries and soda in the same package!

11. Horn-shaped thermos…

Man with horn-shaped thermos

… For those who carry a Viking in their free and adventurous soul.

12. Bag from a shoe store

Shoe bag with a Converse

13. Yogurt from a very tender cow

Yogurt in Vaquita Packaging

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