16 of the Most Embarrassing Moments in Life

Life is beautiful, but it is certainly full of ups and downs. It’s impossible to deny that sometimes we would like to erase memories because of the embarrassing situation we were put through. However, from my very particular point of view, the best thing to do is to look for the kind and funny side to those awkward moments to laugh out loud. Here are some of the most embarrassing and everyday moments, you will surely feel identified.

Table of Contents

1 – The forced laugh you make when you didn’t understand the joke (to prevent anyone from noticing).

Leonardo Di Caprio laughing

2 – When you are the last to be chosen to be part of the team in a sport or game.

The Worst Equid

3 – When you hand your phone to a person to look at a photo and they start swiping through the gallery to see the others, but you remember that you have one there that they shouldn’t see.

Black Man Sweating Meme

4 – The super awkward silence that forms inside an elevator or that moment when you are forced to stand in front of another person and you don’t know where to look so you don’t have to face them.

Incomo moment in the Spiderman elevator

5 – When you accidentally touch a person where you shouldn’t on public transport and they exchange glances.

Embarrassing moment on the subway

6 – When you fall in public and immediately cast that nervous look around to see if anyone was watching you – evidently, everyone saw it.

Fallen Woman

7 – See that hot scene that insists on appearing only when you’re with your parents.

Watching movies with parents

8 – When someone says something to you and you don’t understand, you ask them to repeat it. The person repeats it and you still don’t understand. That’s where the embarrassment of asking the person to repeat it again appears, and all you do is throw a smile and shake your head in affirmation. 😂

Crazy Smile

9 – When you realize that you are going in the wrong direction and you get distracted by making a gesture or action before turning around, so that no one notices that you are a fool.

Damn I was wrong

10 – The classic and painful fake smile you give when you receive a horrible gift.

Dog Forced Smile

11 – When you are unable to deduce whether a car is going to allow you to cross the street or not.

Jack Sparrow Meme

12 – When you’re forced to explain a funny joke you’ve just told.

Potato hand on head

13 – Finding a Facebook friend in a public place and not even saying hello.

I don't even know him

14 – When you go to yawn and end up spitting on someone.

Spitting by accident

15 – When the teacher goes with your classmate next to you and puts you in this situation.

The worst part is when the other classmates notice the scene and start saying that you were taking a look at the teacher’s ass. 😂😂

Teacher Awkward Situation

16 – When you’re at a friend’s house and, out of nowhere, their family starts fighting loudly.

This is one of the worst moments of childhood or adolescence.

Fight at someone else's house

Do you have any other embarrassing moments under your belt? Obviously we want to know, feel free to share them in the comments.



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