14 moments so “Awkward” that if there was no photo no one would believe them

Have you heard those stories that seem impossible in real life? In the images below, there are people experiencing unexpected situations that, without the graphic record, would be considered real jokes.

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1 – “At the zoo, a chimpanzee showed me his finger, when I responded with the same action, the animal was offended.”

Funny Moments with chimpanzee

2 – A cat gathering in the park.

Awkward sitting cats Moments

3 – “I called the locksmith because I forgot my keys inside the car. Then the locksmith had to call another locksmith because he did the same thing I did.”

Bizarre Moments

4 – The boy decided to tell him that his pants were falling off.

Awkward Situations

5 – The real chosen pigeon.

Unique pigeon

6 – “I work as a teacher and now my students can actually say that the dog ate the homework.”

WTF Moments with dog

7 – If it weren’t for this photograph, she would be called a liar.

OMG Moments

8 – The three stages of a ladybug on a single leaf.

Strange Moments

9 – How the hell did he do it?

WTF Moments

10 – “I thought someone had snuck into the kitchen…”

WTF Moments (10)

11 – “Does no one have the decency to invite me in? I don’t care, I’ll enjoy it from out here.”

Awkward Moments (11)

12 – The heart formed in the shadows.

Funny Moments

13 – One day you look out the window and discover a gigantic whale strolling down the street.

OMG Moments

Don’t worry, this isn’t a real whale. It happened in Belgium, where the piece was taken to the Théâtre De Liège, for a performance of Moby Dick.

14 – It wasn’t enough for him to be in the Street View photo, he took a selfie with the Google car in the background.

Weird Moments


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