15 Photos That Will Leave You With More Questions Than Answers

Oh, the internet is wonderful, you can find valuable information about diseases, science and literature; But you also have a high chance of bumping into images, let’s say… quirky, that don’t seem to have a reason to exist and that will leave you with a lot of questions about what’s going on.

Table of Contents


1. For those who are quickly digestible

Bathroom in kitchen

2. “348 days and they still haven’t realized I’m human”

Man dressed as a flamingo

3. Does school have you on your head?

Head Chair

4. What breed is this dog?

Square-headed dog

5. I’m afraid to step on a lego and he makes a shoe

Lego Teni

6. For those who want to refresh their butt

Toilet paper in refrigerator

7. I wonder if it’s a flavored water fountain

Platter with melons

8. The symmetry of space-time was broken…

Contrary but similar dresses

… And the portals of a parallel dimension opened.

9. Nothing’s stopping me, I’m unstoppable


10. I never thought the obsession with Nicolas Cage would get to that point

Obsession with Nicolas Cage

11. These Environmentalist Hippies Have Already Crossed the Line

Eggs in the head

12. When you don’t want to neglect your palette because it gets stolen

Pallet Loader

13. Someone has already invented something better… It’s called a bicycle!

Devil's Skate Bike

14. It looks like it has upside-down chicken legs

Chicken Leg Dog

15. 100% Reliable Proof That Unicorns Exist

Policeman in unicorn


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