11 Things More Worn Out Than Your Hope Of Getting Back To Normal

Take a look at this short list of things that are definitely more worn out than hope to get through these calamitous, inflationary, violent, and pandemic times. And to brighten your day, we accompany these images with completely useless, although necessary, introductory texts.

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This is what a restaurant knife looks like after being routinely sharpened for years.

Sharp knife many years

The pedal on this piano is so worn out that they literally pierced the metal.

Piano pedal

In 1985, a woman acquired two identical teddy bears. One he gave to his son and the other he saved for his first grandchild.

teddy bears wear

The circular pattern around the metal pole was present all over the floor of this subway car.

Worn Subway Floor

A monk prayed at the same site for 20 years and his feet left these marks on the wood.

Monk's Footprints Wear

This is the effect of 16 years of sunlight on the stave. In the preserved part there used to be a rug.

Wood wear by sunlight

The owner of this silver coin used to carry it in his pocket since 1952.

Super Worn Coin

The before and after of cleaning a facade in New York.

Before after facade NY

This floor of a bank shows the wear and tear of the places where customers wait to be served.

Worn bench floor

All the people who climbed the Leaning Tower of Pisa in Italy walked through these stairs.

Worn-out ladders

This is what sun damage looks like on the face of a woman who spent 28 years driving trucks.

Face Revealing Wear


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