15 National Geographic Photos That Have Never Seen The Light Of Day

Thousands of National Geographic photos see the light of day every year through their magazine or on website, but among so many images, many are also kept in a drawer waiting for someone to rescue them. A clear example are these photos that we are going to show you today and that have never appeared in any publication.

National Geographic photos have something that is capable of grabbing anyone’s attention. They are able to show us the most beautiful and strange corners of the planet or perhaps show us the suffering of a family because of the war, making us feel part of that image. Unfortunately, of the hundreds of thousands of photos that are taken by its staff, only a few are lucky enough to see the light of day. In order for everyone to be able to contemplate those photographs that have not seen the light of day, since 2013, it is possible to access a portal where some of these images are periodically published. Today we show you a small list of those that have caught our attention the most.

The images that appear in this post have been taken from the natgeofound.tumblr.com, where you can see many other examples.


#1 A soldier faints and no one runs to help him

A Soldier Faints And No One Runs To Help Him

The year was 1966 when this image was taken. It shows a group of Irish guards in formation despite one of their comrades having fallen to the ground in a faint. Their discipline prevents them from breaking the training under any circumstances.

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      #2 Beauty Scars in Sudan

      Beauty Scars In Sudan

      Without leaving the year 1966, we contemplate this photo where we see a member of a tribe in Sudan where his body is full of scars, which have been made on purpose since for them it is a symptom of beauty.

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          #3 A cat on a lily cushion

          A Cat On A Lily Cushion

          This photo is somewhat older, as it is dated 1935 and she is seen as a kitten strolls calmly on a lily cushion.

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              #4 Astronaut floating in space

              Astronaut Floating In Space

              It is astronaut Bruce McCandless II who floats a few meters away from the space shuttle Challenger during the first use of the manned nitrogen maneuvering unit in 1984.

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                  #5 Women with baskets on their heads

                  Women With Baskets On Their Heads

                  These are women from Mali who carry large baskets full of things on their heads. In the background, several children can be seen playing.

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                      #6 Flock of flamingos

                      Flock Of Flamingos

                      One of the most elegant and spectacular birds we can find. They were photographed in the Netherlands Antilles.

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                          #7 Australian Lumberjac

                          Australian Lumberjack

                          In this image taken in 1962 you can see how this tree has been cut down after being cut down in an Australian forest. The man looks tiny compared to his size.

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                              #8 A cat attacking itself

                              A Cat Attacking Itself

                              The image of this feline that has taken out its claws to attack its own reflection that appears in the mirror in front of it is amusing.

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                                  #9 Woman adorned as a goddess

                                  Woman Adorned As A Goddess

                                  Image taken in 1915 where you can see a woman who has been adorned as if she were a Chinese goddess.

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                                      #10 Showers in the Algerian Sahara

                                      Showers In The Algerian Sahara

                                      This image was taken in the Sahara Desert, and corresponds to the Erg Bourret area in Algeria. Here we can see the dunes formed by the action of the wind.

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                                          #11 Scottish Shepherd

                                          Scottish Shepher

                                          In 1919 this image was taken in Scotland. It is about a shepherd from the area who leads his sheep with the help of his faithful dogs, preventing any of them from going astray.

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                                              #12 Little girl playing in a replica of a lunar module

                                              Little Girl Playing In A Replica Of A Lunar Module

                                              It's not a modern video game, but this little girl is enjoying herself in this replica of a lunar module in Toronto, Canada.

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                                                  #13 Dawn from the Statue of Liberty

                                                  Dawn From The Statue Of Liberty

                                                  You will agree with me that many of these snapshots are of great beauty. Which of all the National Geographic photos that we have shown you today is the one that you like the most? Do you know any other photos that you think should be part of this list? Cheer up and share your comments with all of us.

                                                  The images that appear in this post have been taken from the natgeofound.tumblr.com portal, where you can see many other examples.

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                                                      #14 White Deer

                                                      White Deer

                                                      Among the National Geographic photos, we find this one taken in 1973. It is a beautiful specimen of white deer located in a forest in Switzerland.

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