17 People Who Forgot Their Luck at Home

There are days when the universe seems to be against us through irritating little events that make us think “it would have been better to stay at home”. It may not be much comfort, but there will always be someone in the world with a worse day. The important thing is to look for the good side of bad things and, if possible, get some good laughs out of them. When you feel like you got up on the wrong foot and bad luck got the better of you, don’t forget about the people in the images below.

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1 – When you think that wet shoes are the worst thing that can happen to you.

Terrible Bad Luck (2)

2 – Hello darkness my old friend 🎶

Terrible Bad Luck (1)

3 – The truth is that you do have to be very unlucky for this to happen to you.

Terrible Bad Luck (2)

4 – When the tactical plan goes awry, sometimes it’s better to die as a hero than in shame.

Terrible Bad Luck (3)

5 – Her face says it all.

Terrible Bad Luck (3)

6 – “Hey neighbor, congratulations on your new lamp, it turned out perfectly 😒.”

Terrible Bad Luck (4)

7 – This isn’t bad luck, it’s more about karma.

Terrible Bad Luck (5)

8 – They’re not even married yet and they’ve already lost their rings.

Terrible Bad Luck (1)

9 – It seems that he got a locker with access to other worlds.

Terrible Bad Luck (6)

10 – If crashing is already unlucky, imagine what it must feel like to get muddy with paint in the process.

Terrible Bad Luck (7)

11 – This is how your legs look after a sunny day with ripped jeans.

Terrible Bad Luck (8)

12 – Well, it looks like someone ignored the NO METAL OBJECTS sign in the MRI room.

Terrible Bad Luck (9)

13 – When the immigration office decides to make a few minor retouches to the passport photograph.

Terrible Bad Luck (10)

14 – When you try to make French fries and end up burning down the house.

Terrible Bad Luck (11)

15 – A poor wretch’s breakfast was caught in the door of the train.

Terrible Bad Luck (12)

16 – This person had a sandwich stuck in the vending machine, so he decided to buy a drink to push the product. Things didn’t go as expected.

Terrible Bad Luck (13)

17 – The worst license plate numbering a woman can receive.

Terrible Bad Luck (14)


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