Have fun with these 23 fun facts about cats

Very interesting video highlighting some facts about cats, those adorable and, at the same time, so sinister animals – let’s face it. If you are part of the gigantic group of people who simply die of cuteness in front of a cat, have fun with these facts about domestic felines – the video is at the end.

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Cat 1

1. Abraham Lincoln, when questioned about his hobbies, mentioned that he loved cats.

2. Charles Dickens, British writer, once said that there is no greater gift than the love of a cat.

3. John Lennon was another super fan of cats, and during his lifetime, he kept them as pets by christening them with curious names such as Pepper, Major, Minor, Elvis, and Jesus.

4. Did you know that cats don’t usually stay in the same place as other cats to avoid fights? That’s why you don’t see many cats in the same place – unless they live together, of course.

5. Mr. Bigglesworth, the cat featured in Austin Powers, is a cat named SGC Belfry Ted Nude-Gent. Sphinx cats, those without hair, are among the most intelligent and easy to train.

6. In the UK there are more than 100,000 cats “hired” by the government to hunt mice – almost double the population of Greenland.

Cat 2

7. The Stephen Island wren, a flightless bird, who lived on Stephen Island in New Zealand, became extinct because of a single cat, Tibbles, who belonged to the local lamplighter. In a matter of months the cat hunted and killed all the wrens in the area.

8. The mayor of Talkeetna, a town of 900 people in Alaska, is a cat named Stubbs.

9. In 1963, France sent the first cat into space.

11. Cat hair has already been seen as a kind of “home remedy”, capable of curing epilepsy and plague.

12. Did you know that Belgium trained cats to deliver letters? It never worked, as expected.

13. In the 1960s, the United States hired a cat to spy on the Russians. The service cost them millions of dollars, and after all, the spy cat, who had tape recorders implanted in his body, was run over to death.

14. Hello Kitty, who we already know is not a cat, should only be called Kitty.

Cat 3

15. Tom’s name, from the Tom & Jerry cartoon, was expected to be Jasper.

16. Some cats are allergic to humans: 1 in 200 of these animals can’t stay around humans.

17. Cats’ brains are full of folds, they are 90% similar to those of humans. These animals have many more neurons than dogs.

18. Cats also suffer from some human diseases, such as Alzheimer’s and obesity.

19. Cats can’t feel sweet tastes.

20. Cats spend 30% to 50% of their day “taking a bath.”

21. The hairballs that cause cats to suffocate are common in other animals, with the difference that only cats are used to spit them out.

22. It’s easier for cats to survive when they fall from great heights.

23. The survival record is held by a cat who survived a fall from a 43rd floor.



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