In this city in Japan there is a post office box under the sea

For post offices in Japan, there is a golden rule: always deliver. And this applies even if you have to dive into the ocean. The best example of the dedication of Japanese postal service workers can be seen in the town of Susami, Wakayama Prefecture.


Postal Mailbox Under the Sea in Japan

On the shores of this fishing village it is possible to find a mailbox that holds the Guinness World Record for the deepest submerged mailbox. 10 meters underwater in Susami Bay can be found this surreal piece of the Japanese postal service, which has been at this point since April 1999.

Submarine mail.

At the time, the local postmaster, Toshihiko Matsumoto, promoted the idea by inviting divers to visit this submerged mailbox. And the proposal was a resounding success, as between 1,000 and 1,500 pieces of mail are sent through this submerged mailbox every year. Since its inauguration nearly two decades ago, it has accounted for a total of 38,000 shipments. It’s quite a habit for Japanese people who decide to use this original way to communicate with their loved ones.

In the following video, from the YouTube channel Great Big Story, we can learn a little more about this postal mailbox submerged in Susami.

However, it is not a unique post office box in Japan. In fact, there are hundreds of underwater post boxes scattered along the country’s coasts in Japan. Each one with designs that reflect the idiosyncrasy, culture and history of each locality. Japan never ceases to amaze.



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