Jacob’s Well – a place as beautiful as it is dangerous

If the experience was smooth and safe, this would be a memory for a lifetime. Unfortunately, it has been a bad experience for many people. We are talking about visits to Jacob’s Well, located in Texas, USA, one of the most precious natural treasures in the country, which consists of a well connected to an underwater cavern, which can reach 40 meters deep.


Jacob's Well Texas (2)

The shaft is quite narrow, four meters wide, but extremely deep and treacherous. Despite this, adventurers abound and the place is one of the most sought after by divers. The reason is easy to explain: the natural beauty of Jacob’s Well makes any visit an unforgettable experience.

The well itself is about 10 meters deep, but it is connected to a cavern, illuminated and “home” to some algae and underwater animals, which continues for another 30 meters. There is a “false chimney”, which appears to be an exit, and which can betray divers. For the protection of the site and visitors can only enter the well water 25 people at a time. Of course, if you’re not a fan of this kind of adventure, it’s best to just swim on the surface, pose for a photo and skip the diving part.

Take a look at this wonder.

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