Incredible photographs of the oldest trees in the world

There are people who make their lives a fascinating story, such is the case of photographer Beth Monn. Originally from San Francisco, USA, she has spent 14 years of her life doing what she loves most and is her passion: photographing the oldest trees in the world.

Table of Contents

She travels around the world looking for trees that are as old as the Earth itself, because for her these are the first monuments that the planet gave us to admire.

One of the intentions of this gallery is to show people the great variety of vegetation that exists on our planet, in addition to the fact that it seeks to give added value to the different species of trees and thus make human beings aware, not affect or destroy them.

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Here is a part of the book Ancient Trees: Portraits of Time.

1. Socotra, Yemen

Black Balnco Landscape

2. Madagascar, Africa

Giant Trees

3. Pucallpa, Peru

4. Ta Prohm Angkor, Cambodia

Root Covers a House

5. Linconlshire, England

Leafy Tree

6. Socotra, Yemen

thick tree trunk

7. Socotra, Yemen

Black and White Landscape

8. Toliara, Madagascar, Africa


9. Carmarthenshire, Wales, United Kingdom

Trees with a large root

10. White Mountains, California, USA

Dry Tree

11. Fredville Kent, England

Áebol with different holes

12. Rilke, Cambodia

Low view of Passage with Tree

13. Morondova, Madagascar

Trees United

14. Gloucestershire, England

Door with Razi

15. Makgadikgadi Pan, Africa

Dry Tree


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