30 Bag Designs That Are Sure To Grab Your Attention On The Street

The image of a brand is the most important thing, as it is what can be observed at first glance. That is why those in charge of advertising certain products seek to innovate and show their brand in an original and creative way.

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And in search of being unique and engaging the public, these brands created ingenious and surprising designs of bags in paper, plastic, canvas or fabric to attract attention to their products.

1. Blood transfusion bag

Plastic bag with the design of a blood transfusion

2. Canon Camera

Cannon Camera Design Bag

3. Craftsman

Craftsman Bag

4. Kebec Son Hearing Aids

with Kebec Son hearing aid design

5. Hurriyetoto

Bag with a Hurriyetoto.com steering wheel

6. Early Learning Center

Bag with the design of a child jumping rope

7. Cassette Bag Design

Bag with the design of a cassette

8. Habitat Shoes

Habitat Shoe Bags

9. Continental Club

Continental Club Bag Design

10. Pili Ibarz

Design of a Pili Ibarz bag with a suit

11. Staples

Paper bag with the design of a clip

12. Read

Cardboard Bag for Lee Brand

13. Exit

SALE Bag Design

14. For the Coffee

Creative design to carry coffee

15. Save More Trees

Eco-friendly bag with the image of a monkey with the sign to save more trees

16. Home

Bag with the design of a blender

17. X-rays

X-ray bag that shows what's inside

18. Brain Bag

Bags with brain designs

19. Moo Shoes

Moo Shoes Bag Designs

20. For Eggs

Bags to carry eggs

21. CNG Burn Bag

GNC burn bag with the design of women's legs in a skirt

22. Meralco

mit.zenfs.com meralco_bag

23. Converse

Converse brand bags in the shape of sneakers

24. Phace Perfume

Design on Phace perfume pouches

25. Oh! Lunettes

Creative bags from the brand Oh! Lunettes

26. Ann Summers

Design of the bags of the Ann Summers brand

27. Walker Bags

Walker Shoe Bags
Walker Shoes

28. Wild Bags

Wild bags
Wild Bag Designs

29. Garment Hook Bag

Bags with the design of a clothes hanger

30. Photon Life Bag

Photon Life Creative Bag


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