20 Of The Best Designed Banner Ads Of All Time

Advertising is in a permanent change, and the key to staying in the market is creativity and constantly innovating. Revolutionary ideas, funny but essentially profound messages. These are all the ingredients of a good advertisement.

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So, the advertisements that we present to you below are so ingenious that you can walk on them, see them in the sky, get out of the subway and even cross them. They’re definitely the best ads I’ve ever seen.


1. A Car Accident as a Warning

A Traffic Accident in a Billboard

2. Real-Life Hot Wheels

Hot Wheels advertisement on a highway

3. McDonald’s in the crosswalk

McDonald's advertisement on the pavement of a street

4. An IBM ramp

Woman passing by a ramp and poster advertising IBM

5. A coffee cup that covers the manhole

Coffee cup plugging a drain in the street

6. Stairs are like Everest for people with disabilities

Stairs are like Everest for people with disabilities in a city

7. Donuts to Homer’s mouth

Donut-shaped escalators heading towards a Homer Simpson face

8. Clean Master Cleans the Crosswalk

Clean Master Ad on the Pavement

9. A Coca Cola Zero elevator

Elevator that simulates having a coke pouring over

10. Clock-shaped subway handle

Subway handle with clock figures

11. A KitKat Chocolate Bench

KitKat Nestlé chocolate shaped bench and a boy sitting on it

12. A Gravity-Defying Bridge

Ad-supported bridge that simulates defying gravity

13. All You Can Eat

Advertisement of a woman's mouth on a bridge for cars to pass

14. Don’t sit; Run!

Bench with Nike logo in a square

15. Superman’s Elevator

Elevator that publicizes the movie Superman

16. Beach on the subway

Sea advertising in the subway

17. A Huge Roll of Toilet Paper

Giant Dulcolax Product Toilet Paper Roll

18. Eco-Friendly Sneakers

Sneakers made with plants on a wall

19. Pasta Advertising

Face of a woman on a boat pretending to be eating pasta

20. Clean your windows better

Advertising of Windez at the bus stop



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