10 Animals That Are Real Architects – See the Stunning Homes They Built!

It is incredible how animals with their survival instinct can cover the need to protect themselves from the cold, rain, sun or any weather change that occurs. Although some animals live a wild life, they look for ways to stay protected and build shelters using materials such as straw, sticks, stones, dry leaves.

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Below are images of how these architects by nature make their protective dens.


1. Swallow’s Nests

nests formed under a rock
Oval-shaped bird's nest with a hole

Swallows build their nests in cavities that are very high or abandoned. The material they use is diverse. Even these nests are edible.

2. Greater Zacua Nest

Birds making nests hanging from the branches of a tree
Small nests hanging from a tree

They weave their nest with grass, live socially from approximately 30 birds, including the dominant male and females.

3. Wasp Hive

Honeycomb nest
Multi-layered nest made of dry leaves

They usually live individually, but when they live together they build a hive made of paper and resin, which protects them because of their cone shape.

4. Berry Weaver Bird’s Nest

Bird coming out of its nest in a tree
nest in which a yellow bird is
Nest hanging from a tree

They build their hanging nests in palm trees, thorny acacias, and trees, where predators cannot reach due to their location. These nests can be found next to each other or in a location away from other berry weavers.

5. Red Horn Bird’s Nest

Bird's nest made of mud and sticks
bird's nests that are a row with three holes

The red hornero makes its nests using mud and clay. These birds are native to South America. They are so called because their nest looks like a clay oven, which protects them not only from the cold, but also from predators; Once they leave it, it serves as a den for other animals.

6. Beehive

Bees in hive

It has a structure made up of cells made of wax, they are walls built to contain their larvae and accumulate honey and pollen inside the hive. Bees spend all their time taking care of their honeycomb, as here they process the wax to feed themselves and raise their young.

7. Compass Termite Nest

White pickup truck in a place where there are trees
Tree nests made of dry sticks

These types of termites build their nests very high, as they can measure up to four meters from the ground giving space to house millions of them. The shape of these mounds are wedge-shaped, which are thermal.

8. Brown Pergolero’s Nest

Bird's nest in the shape of a cave
Bird's nest on the ground with red eggs
Two birds that can be seen through the hole of a nest

These birds live in Australia and New Guinea. The male makes this type of den by adorning it with flowers, sticks, stones, berries and beetles, making it a very colorful hut to attract females. However, females do not use them to have their young.

9. Republican Weaver Bird’s Nest

Bird's nest made of straw on a light pole
Bird's nest in tree branches
Trees with straw in their branches
Nest made of straw on a pole at its top

They are native to South Africa, Namibia and Botswana, their nests are very large and for this reason they can house hundreds of birds of different sizes. Nests are built with sticks and grass. Deep in the nest a warm temperature can be maintained to prevent these birds from feeling the cold of the night

10. Tricoptera

Set of stones that serve as a home for insects
Black Insect Carrying Colored Stones

These insects are very similar to moths and butterflies, they live in small cases that they form with grains of sand, sticks, plant debris to protect themselves.




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