15 Majestic Photographs That Prove Happiness Lies in Nature

Photography is one of the most popular techniques for capturing moments, places, and people. Photos have influenced your life a lot, think a little, how many places have you visited because you saw them in a photo?, or how many do you want to know for this reason?, how many times have you laughed or cried when you saw an image that brings back memories?

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This visual art allows us to get to know places in the world that we had no idea existed, to see straight into the eyes of a leopard, to be in the middle of a storm, or to sit on the edge of the end of the world without even being there.

This compilation of photos show you how stunning nature is, take your breath away, and make you admire the beauty of the world more.


1. Awesome Antarctica


2. Los Arcos National Park, United States

Eye-like rock formation in Los Arcos National Park

3. Extraordinary Landscape Under the Sea

Giant Stone Under the Sea

4. Life Goals: A Cabin in the Middle of a Lake

Cabin on an island in the middle of a lake

5. The Description of Happiness

Dog in a field of yellow flowers

6. Jaguar vs. Alligator

Jaguar fighting with an alligator

7. A Mind-Blowing Jellyfish

Photograph of a jellyfish underwater and land is seen with many trees on the surface

8. A New Friend

Hand with Bird

9. There is no better stage than childhood

Children playing in the grass

10. Clouds over Paine National Park, Chile

Clouds over Paine National Park

11. Bear Greeting Kindly

Photograph of a bear waving kindly

12. Bioluminescent Beach, Jervis Bay, Australia

Bioluminescent beach

13. Lightning Strikes

Lightning Strikes

14. Little Turtle

Little turtle in the water

15. A landscape that looks like something out of a fairy tale

Green landscape with mountains


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